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Leaders in Solid Surface Stone Bathroom Vanities and Furniture.


Stylish and Sophisticated Designs

We believe in creating our designs to live with people rather than people simply living with a design.

Developers, Builders and Trades

Our vanities are a dream come true, as we are the first company in Australia to invent solid surface stone vanities in 
flat packed packages, which take less than 30 minutes to fully assemble.

Saving Developers, Builders and Trades unnecessary costs, in time, transport, and craning.


Stone Inspired by Nature

INVIO’s stone has been generated by using Natural material’s environmentally

safe for the planet and our customers.


INVIO stone is made from mixing minerals and resin to create a solid design that will last a lifetime.


INVIO is constantly making sure products are made keeping the environment in mind using only

materials which are planet and people safe.

Why Buy Anything Else?

Every single panel is water resistant meaning no moisture, no more buckling or mould,
making our vanities perfect for any business offering amenities or access to pools, spas, beaches, and other wet areas.

Invio vanities are perfect for high guest turnover locations such as, Hotels, Resorts, Backpacker Hostels, Bars,
Clubs, Restaurants and Cafe precincts.

Heat Resistant, and did we mention? Bacteria & Toxin-Free

Every Panel is Heat Resistant, Vermin. Bacteria and Toxin-Free, being brilliant for all Medical and Surgical Facilities including Hospitals, Dental, Cosmetic,
Beauty, Educational and  Veterinarian locations.

We can custom design our vanities, or benches for all professional places, and provide it in an easily ready to assemble flat packed package. without delay.

Bathroom Furniture

Vanities, Basins and Baths


Generated By Using Natural Material’s 

INVIO stone is made from mixing minerals and resin to create a solid design that will last a lifetime.
INVIO’s affordable prices have been generated keeping
the environment in mind, using only materials which are planet and people safe.


What makes INVIO exceptionally different from its competitors, or anything else on the market
is the simple fact that we are the only Australian company who offers solid surface vanities in a DIY package, easy to assemble. Noting every panel is solid surface.

Every panel is water, heat, UV, and chemical resistant. Best of all, available in one complete package, and extremely affordable compared to what’s on the market.

Beautifully Crafted



I love Invio vanities they are stylish and elegant with a variety of beautiful colours and tones. Not only do they look super chic they are also very eco friendly and easy to assemble.
Peter Brownlee - Budds Beach


Explore your vision and create your Invio’s colours and design solutions in consultation with our designers and master craftsmen.

I have to congratulate your company and whoever came up with this idea, as I have been renovating apartments for years,

and my worst nightmare was the tradies who never came through for bathrooms and kitchens without issues.

With your product, I have the ability to do it all, and only need in the end to call my plumber, thank you.

Anthony Cetinic – Wentworthville NSW

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that my new Hayman Vanity is a dream compared to my past laminated one.

Now my kids are able to throw their wet bath toys all over it without a worry of any damages. This makes my partner even happier, not having to replace our vanity.

Thanks a Million!

Katy Hanson – Southport QLD

The first took, over an hour, the second just under an hour, and the third I’m happy to advise I completed in 30 odd minutes.

Awesome system and thank you for the easy step by step instructions very appreciated compared to other D.I.Y. furniture out there.

Robert Wayne Jelly – Castle Hill NSW

Love that your vanities are solid surface, and available instantly from retailers, and online,

I can’t stand the waiting game in this country, so I really appreciated that.

Andrea Gray – Surfers Paradise QLD

I just put your vanity together with the 900mm one, with 4 drawers and I have to say,

it was a joy, compared to anything I’ve ever put together, brilliant.

Still can’t believe how solid it is, not to ignore the design, just class.

Kristen Besgrove – Kellyville NSW

I just installed your vanity into my mum’s bathroom, and have to say, brilliant,

and easy as to put together. I love that the whole vanity was able to be put into my car in 4 boxes and

easy to carry and put together in a tight space.

Fantastic work Invio.

Ivan Dragojevic – Glenhaven NSW


Like natural stone, Invio bath tubs and vanities have gracious curves and a statuesque presence. The crystalline minerals base has a luxurious feel, characteristic of marble. You can bring your own charm to Invio stone by molding it into your own Invio’s colours and designs. Its timeless feel is at home within both contemporary and classic settings.

Australian Made

The product has undergone its last substantial transformation in Australia from our panels to functioning furniture. We are dedicated to creating brilliant products creating more work for Australian’s to enjoy.



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