Our Bathroom furniture can come assembled or in DIY form, to anywhere in Australia. Our flat pack products are best installed by a builder or in consultation with a bathroom designer or plumber. The installation instructions are so easy, a builder or plumber could put the DIY vanity together for you within 30 minutes, which saves you the trouble of waiting for vanities to be delivered as on the current market, being some 6 to 8 weeks wait. Our vanities and bathroom furniture is available instantly, from the date of order.
Save time, save money and save having to replace your vanities due to water or heat, “I mean why would you buy anywhere else on the market?”


With the right care Invio stone has track record of resilience.

It was built to last, its impact resistant design can stay as good as new for decades and is great for both indoor and outdoor, area’s with its tough composition.
Invio is made to with the highest standards in quality control sought after by government and leading organisations . Invio is robust, and in the case of extreme impact such as intense heat or strong chemicals, Invio is repairable.

Countertop comparison

Invio bathroom vanities are recommended by Sydney bathroom renovators. Leading bathroom designers prefer Invio stone’s organic shapes and flawless surface over-engineered stone counters.


10% resin and 90% mineral (includes granite, quartz powder and recycled glass

More expensive than resin stone

Visible seams permeable joints

Lasts a lifetime with proper care

Natural imperfections

Vertical lines

Durable but vulnerable to cracks and chips

Hard to repair


Compounded from resin and minerals, known as Durasein

Less expensive than engineered stone

Invisible seems, fused joints

Lasts a lifetime with proper care

Flawless surface

Organic shapes and vertical lines

Bathroom renovator’s vanity cabinet comparison

Invio stone offers a more solid design which stands up better to set backs like leaks and excess steam.


Plywood, MDF (medium density fibre board) or particleboard, with artificial veneer glue

Sandwich layers of wood

Plywood is only water resistant in the case of small leaks

MDF and particle board, swell and crack when exposed to water and steam

Life expectancy 20 years

Not easily repairable

If water damaged can develop mould

Plywood can release formaldehyde after 2 years

Drilling into layers can cause weakness


Solid homogenous surface

100% water resistant

Lasts a lifetime with proper care, 10 year warranty

Easily repairable

Mould resistant

Greenguard certified as non gas emission

Can be drilled for bespoke design





Wipe it down with a soapy sponge to clean. Place curling irons or ceramic tongs in a heat resistant container


Do not use curling irons or ceramic tongs. Do not use petroleum-based cleaning agents as they may damage the surface

“Our stone is Inspired by Nature”


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